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Steve Niezur
Steve Niezur is the Director of Sales & Engineering of CES. He oversees all design and implementation of Variable Refrigerant Flow, Dedicated Outdoor Air System, Direct-Expansion , and hydronic systems in new and retrofit building applications. His major projects include the David Whitney Building (540 Tons VRF), the Detroit Athletic Club (58 Tons VRF), The Auburn (70 Tons VRF) and the Village Park Apartments (96 Tons VRF).

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lawrence Technical University, Steve’s expertise resides in Mechanical Systems Design. His ability to understand the difference between theory and practice is invaluable for the entire process – from showcasing and designing to installation, training, and troubleshooting unforeseen problems.

Steve is a member of the ASHRAE Detroit Chapter and the Engineering Society of Detroit. Outside of engineering, Steve enjoys hunting, golfing, mountain biking, hockey, and harvesting firewood.

Email: sjn@comfortengineeringLLC.com
Phone: (810) 956-2284
E-Fax: (586) 948-1734

Max Sitek

Max Sitek is a Sales Engineer at CES, specializing in HVAC system design, plumbing & hydronic piping systems, mechanical controls, construction administration, and project management. His experience as lead mechanical engineer on numerous projects, including the Detroit Public Safety HQ, Michigan State Police Forensic Science Laboratory, and Michigan State University FRIB Office Tower, has proficient knowledge in whole-building VRF system applications and design in both new construction and retrofit applications.

Max has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Detroit Mercy and is on track to obtain his Registered Professional Engineer License from the State of Michigan. He is a member of the ASHRAE Detroit Chapter, and was the Construction & Design Award Winner for his work as Lead Engineer on the City of Detroit Public Safety Headquarters project by the Engineering Society of Detroit. Max also enjoys golfing, fishing, camping, working on cars, and playing guitar.

Email: max@comfortengineeringLLC.com
Cell Phone: (248) 878-8946
E-Fax: (586) 948-1731

Peter Hammang

Business Development Manager of CES for Western Michigan He is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships and consulting with the Architectural and Engineering Community for CES. He assists with the design and implementation of Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems, Direct-Expansion Systems and Hydronic Systems in new and renovated building applications.

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, from Western Michigan University, Peter’s expertise resides in Mechanical HVAC Systems, Commissioning and Related Building Systems.

Peter, in his experiences working for one of the largest AE Firms for 17 years and two of the largest Building Automation Firms totaling over 16 years, has a wide and diversified experience level with Building HVAC Systems and range of Customers, including Commercial, Healthcare, Higher Education, Large Laboratory Facilities, to name a few.

Peter is a long time member of the Western Michigan ASHRAE Chapter and maintains the LEED AP®, BD+C Certification. Peter enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing, tennis, water skiing and snow skiing.

Email: peter@comfortengineeringLLC.com
Cell Phone: (616)265-0193
E-Fax: (586) 948-1722

Dan Mather

Dan Mather is a Sales Engineer at CES, specializing in HVAC system design, building automation, energy management, construction administration, and project management. At CES, our goal is to provide turnkey building HVAC solutions and assist with a project from design through to end user training. We believe that VRF technology has the most architectural synergy and is the most energy efficient equipment on the market. Dan’s main focus is to seamlessly integrate VRF equipment to client’s building automation systems.

Dan has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in HVAC/R Engineering Technology from Ferris State University. Throughout his career in the HVAC industry, he has worked heavily with building automation and energy management. During his time at Ferris State University he completed an internship with a large controls manufacturer, and installed and commissioned the HVAC controls for Ferris’s controls lab. After college, Dan worked as a consulting engineer for 7 years, providing HVAC controls expertise, performing building energy modeling, and overseeing a number of LEED award winning projects.

Dan is a member of ASHRAE Detroit Chapter and West Michigan Chapter. During his free time Dan enjoys guitar playing, woodworking, and home renovation projects.

Email: dan@comfortengineeringLLC.com
Cell Phone: (248) 791-4087
E-Fax: (586) 948-1722

Dennis Kurzawa
Dennis Kurzawa is a Technical Solutions Specialist at CES. With 38 years of experience, his extensive background as an HVAC Mechanical Contractor provides invaluable experience in the design, build, and application of HVAC equipment, project management, and troubleshooting.

Dennis has strong equipment and application knowledge in VRF, single-zone, & multi-zone systems. His portfolio strongly reflects his knowledge of project & design solutions, including new & retrofit construction of small, large, new, or old applications. Projects Dennis has been involved in include the General Motors Technical Data Center (60 Tons VRF), The United Shore Financial Services (DOAS), and the El Moore Green Apartments (20 Tons VRF using Geo Thermal Loop).

Dennis has his EPA Reclamation certification, CSD certification, and Mitsubishi Diamond Designer & Contractor certification and is a member of the Mechanical Inspectors Association of Michigan. In his free time you’ll find Dennis playing hockey, woodworking, fishing, and spending time with his friends and family.

Email: dk@comfortengineeringLLC.com
Phone: (248) 804-0777
E-Fax: (586) 948-1700

Brent Cox
Cultivating 20 years of experience, Brent Cox, a Technical Support Advisor, is a core member of the CES team. Brent is the certified VRF Field Service Trainer with expertise in Technical Support, Training, and Factory Authorized Start-Up. He has also been involved in major renovation & new construction projects, including the David Whitney Building (540 Tons VRF), the Detroit Institute of Music Education (190 Tons VRF), the University of Michigan Foundry Lofts (432 Tons VRF), and the El Moore Green Apartments (20 Tons VRF using Geo Thermal Loop).

In an industry with continuous technical advancements, Brent maintains numerous certifications to stay current with new technology and industry best practices. He has received his Certificate of Applied Science in HVACR from Delta College, is NATE certified, Mitsubishi Diamond Designer Certified, and has his EPA 608 Universal Certification. Brent is a member of the Mitsubishi Diamond Service Group and enjoys hunting and fishing.

Email: bc@comfortengineeringLLC.com
Phone: (989) 245 2123
E-Fax: (586) 948-1703

Ray Champine
Ray Champine is a Technical Support Advisor at CES. With 16 years of experience, Ray’s areas of expertise include Mitusbishi Mr. Slim & City Multi Systems, Modine Atherion Systems, and Taco iWorx Software. His enthusiasm is captured in his tremendous contributions to various projects, ranging from large historic renovations – The David Whitney Building (540 Tons VRF) and El Moore Green Apartments (20 Tons VRF using Geo Thermal Loop) - to new construction – the University of Michigan Foundry Lofts (432 Tons VRF) and Detroit Athletic Club (58 Tons VRF).

Ray is NATE certified, High Pressure Boiler Operator certified, an Unlimited Refrigeration Journeyman. and a Certificate Member of the Detroit Refrigeration Service Engineers Society. Through continued education, Ray strives to provide unparalleled instruction for Mitsubishi systems, field service, and contractor support. Outside of the office, you may find Ray fishing, camping, or bow hunting.

Email: ray@comfortengineeringLLC.com
Phone: (586) 243-2425
E-Fax: (586) 948-1728

Todd Cunningham
Todd Cunningham is an Equipment Sales Specialist for CES. His areas of expertise include HVAC design & troubleshooting, and refrigeration applications. With 29 years of experience, Todd is the source for providing project and application quotes and technical support. Through continued certified training courses, Todd is able to provide contractor support with the most current industry standards and best practices. On his own time, Todd enjoys listening to music, especially his extensive rock-n-roll collection.

Email: todd@comfortengineeringLLC.com
Mobile Phone: (616) 443-9200
Office Phone: (616) 796-8747
E-Fax: (586) 948-1704

Jake Hyrsky
Inside Sales Engineer of CES - Jake received his bachelor’s degree in HVAC/R Engineering Technology & Energy Management from Ferris State University. Jake is an ASHRAE Detroit Chapter Member and has a background in HVAC system design & equipment selection. In his free time, Jake enjoys playing hockey, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

Austin O’Berg
Inside Technical Support of CES - Austin’s HVAC career started at the young age of fourteen when he worked side jobs with his father to learn the trade . After graduating high school, Austin worked for a German engineering and robotics company where he worked on pneumatic clamps for the automotive industry. In the evenings, Austin attended trade school at Northwestern Tech and transitioned to working in the field full-time as an HVAC service technician working on residential and light commercial equipment.